How to protect yourself against credit card fraud at a community college

Students and faculty at the Community Credit Union of America (CCUA) are being urged to keep a close eye on their credit card accounts following a wave of credit card scams targeting them.CCUA President Bob Cervone told CBS News that the number of fraudulent charges is staggering, and the agency is actively monitoring its online […]

How to make the most of your retirement communities

It may be tempting to throw money at the problem, but if you’re already broke, you should consider a combination of tax breaks, a generous tax break, and some savings.Here are five ways you can get started.1.The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)2.401k Tax Credit3.Earned Income Tax Credit4.Earns Tax Credit5.Roth IRA Tax CreditThe CRA is the largest […]

What you need to know about the proposed 1,200-unit affordable housing project in Oakland

Oakland residents are still waiting to find out whether the city will approve their $3.3 million affordable housing proposal for a community college campus, but the proposal has a long way to go to garner approval from the city council.The Oakland City Council voted Monday night to approve the project at the community college at […]

What to expect when the apocalypse comes (and if it comes at all)

Posted October 17, 2019 05:23:13 The Internet has never been so rife with apocalyptic predictions.From the zombie apocalypse to the alien invasion, we’ve heard all manner of crazy and disturbing tales of apocalyptic events, from the terrifying, to the ridiculous, to those terrifying, and we’ve even had to share the news of the apocalypse with […]

How to find the right teacher for your kids

In the years since the Affordable Care Act became law, teachers across the country have faced a lot of changes, including changes in pay, pay scales, and career paths.The challenges are exacerbated by the fact that most schools are privately owned and therefore not subject to the requirements of the new health care law.In addition, […]

How to use Google Maps in the water, with help from the ocean

This article originally appeared at Business Insider.To read more from Business Insider, subscribe to the WSJ’s mobile app.Google Maps is the most common way people travel in North America.It was invented in 1997 by Google co-founder Sergey Brin, and it’s widely used in more than 70 countries worldwide.However, it’s a great way to get around, […]

How to prevent and treat coronavirus at a public school

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has advised schools to close at 10:00 a.m.Friday.Officials at New York City schools have also advised students to stay home.The virus has spread throughout the United States and has claimed more than 4,500 lives, including at least 674 children, the CDC said.The number of confirmed cases has risen […]

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