Why Trump needs the GOP’s “nuclear option”

Trump is a divisive figure, but so are the Republicans.

Their failure to coalesce around him is what’s made him so dangerous.

And it’s not just because he’s not a Democrat, it’s also because the GOP is in the minority.

And while that might seem like a given, it makes the party’s problem with the Trump-ism of the past decade even worse.

In many ways, the GOP has been a party of resistance for more than two decades.

In the wake of the Iraq War, Republican legislators were determined to stop it.

They refused to vote for the disastrous “sequester” cuts, and they tried to keep a clean-energy tax from going into effect.

When Congress failed to pass a budget last year, they vowed to hold the president to his promises.

They made an effort to prevent the “fiscal cliff” by raising the federal debt ceiling, a move that forced Democrats to resort to using the filibuster, which is a different kind of rule change.

It’s an effort that was so unpopular with Republicans that the majority of GOP members were willing to switch sides.

Trump has done little to change this dynamic, and so the party has fallen into a trap.

Trump’s rhetoric and actions make it difficult for Republicans to find common ground with Democrats.

In 2016, for example, Republicans opposed a bill that would have allowed millions of Americans to keep their health insurance after the ACA was repealed.

Trump campaigned on promises to repeal Obamacare, and in the end he didn’t.

But Democrats were able to convince a number of Republicans to support the bill because it would have repealed a large chunk of Obamacare.

They succeeded, however, in passing a bipartisan bill that passed the Senate and is now awaiting a signature from Trump.

Democrats have also succeeded in passing legislation to prevent a second economic collapse, a bill they say Trump could use as a bargaining chip.

And they’ve been able to keep it from being signed by Trump, who has repeatedly threatened to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate accord.

This is a Republican Party that has struggled to find a coherent message and a consistent agenda for its members, and it’s led to a stalemate in the party over the past two years.

This has led to an erosion of the Republican Party’s ability to organize around the issues that are most important to the people who vote for them.

In other words, the party that has been so focused on the issues of economic insecurity, immigration, and terrorism is failing to offer a consistent and inclusive platform for working-class voters.

This year, Republicans have lost the Senate, the House, the White House, and the governorships of Florida, Kentucky, and Texas.

They also have been unable to pass the American Health Care Act, the Republican replacement for Obamacare that would cover a much larger number of Americans.

The Affordable Care Act has not been particularly popular, but it’s arguably the most important piece of legislation of Trump’s presidency.

And when it’s all said and done, the Affordable Care act will save more than 13 million Americans from losing their health coverage and more than 6 million from losing insurance altogether.

In addition to the Affordable Health Care Acts, Republicans also enacted a tax on health insurance companies to help pay for the ACA.

This measure has become a political lightning rod for Democrats, who have accused Republicans of being reckless with the tax money and making it too costly for working families.

This tax is one of the few parts of the law that Democrats have been able so far to pass that they’ve not been criticized for, including the fact that it didn’t raise taxes on wealthier people.

But the GOP continues to claim credit for this law.

Republicans are also trying to use the tax law to raise taxes to pay for their plans to repeal and replace Obamacare.

This was one of Trump Trump’s first acts as president, and he signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on May 1, 2017.

This bill, as is often the case with his tax plan, is a tax cut that mostly benefits the wealthy, who pay far less in taxes.

This legislation, however.

would add billions of dollars in additional taxes on Americans who are not rich.

This includes the excise tax on medical devices, a new tax on high-end luxury cars, and a tax that will increase taxes on those who are married with children.

This all sounds great.

But this bill would not only add billions in taxes to American households, but also cost the country billions of taxpayer dollars.

Republicans want to cut taxes, and their tax plan does not provide enough revenue to pay the bill.

So instead, they’ve proposed cutting taxes on everyone else.

They’ve also proposed a new revenue mechanism that will disproportionately benefit wealthy Americans.

As the Senate debate over the Tax Reform Bill was heating up, for instance, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) told The Washington Post that Republicans have a plan to create an “economic safety net.”

This would include tax cuts for the wealthy.

As I wrote last month, this is simply a

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