What’s the best place to work in Somerset?

Posted May 24, 2018 07:15:53While there is an overwhelming number of jobs in the Somerset area, it’s worth exploring the opportunities for those looking to fill them, according to the community credit union.

The Bristol-based credit union says there are opportunities in the community for the full range of skills and abilities required to support and serve the community.

The Credit Union said the community centre and credit union had become the hub for the Bristol region’s job market.

It’s the first credit union to do so.

The credit union’s regional director, Ian Smith, said: “It is clear to me that we are in the middle of a massive opportunity.

It is a very exciting time for us to be part of the Bristol area.”

He added that the credit union has been in the process of working with Bristol’s employers to create a local network of credit unions, including in Somerset, to offer a wide range of jobs to those looking for employment.

“I think that Bristol has a huge potential for employment in the long-term,” Mr Smith said.

“People are looking to be able to have the opportunity to have more of an impact and to contribute in a way that isn’t always the case in the region.”

Mr Smith said that credit unions in the Bristol-West Somerset area had become a hub for jobs and people looking for a career, which in turn helped create a stronger community.

“We are creating jobs that support the people who are going to be contributing to this,” he said.

“The credit unions are a great community centre.

We’ve been able to make it more accessible and make it attractive to those wanting to come and support their neighbours.”

It’s not just about jobs.

It also helps build community, and the credit unions provide a platform for that.

“There are a lot of people who need to get into the credit sector because they don’t have the skills, but that’s what this credit union is all about.”

Mr Thompson said the credit Union’s work was making a difference in the lives of its members.

“Our members are in a position to have a more stable job,” he explained.

“They’ve got the opportunity for a life that they can enjoy in the city.”

Credit unions are about giving people a better deal, and we do that by helping people get the skills they need.


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