This is why Oakland has the lowest average income in the nation

An Oakland community college graduate who is raising $1,500 for the families of students killed in a school shooting in the community is raising awareness about what it means to be an Oakland resident.

Alexis Perez has been in the business of social justice activism since she was in eighth grade.

When she was a freshman at Oak View College in Oakland, she was called “a good student” by the school’s head of students, who said she “had all the traits that would make me a good student.”

But Alexis’s story doesn’t just center on her high school experiences.

Alexis has been a regular contributor to the news media, making the leap from Oakland’s school district to national attention.

Alexes said she has worked on behalf of families whose children have died at the hands of police.

She has even been a lead speaker at a vigil for the 14-year-old student killed in the school shooting.

Alexs life story is different than most.

She says she never thought about herself as an activist.

She doesn’t talk about the shootings or the students who died, instead focusing on the importance of being a good parent.

Alexis is a single mother of three young children, all of whom live with her.

Alexas said that when she and her husband moved to Oakland from Southern California in 2017, they never imagined it would be so hard to make ends meet.

“When I first came to Oakland, I knew it would take me a while to get a job,” she said.

“I think my husband thought we were going to be rich, but I don’t think that is the case.

We have a great job, we have good jobs, we’re doing great.

I’m so happy that we’re living a life that is good and that we are making good choices.”

Alexis said she is proud to be part of the community that is supporting her, especially as she moves into her senior year of college.

She said her family has been supported by the Oakland Community Foundation and she plans to donate $5,000 toward her alma mater.

“Oakland is a great place to live, to work and to raise a family,” Alexis said.

“The people in Oakland are amazing and they’re very accepting of anyone that wants to live in Oakland.

There are so many things going on here.”

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