The people behind the podcast that makes you laugh with tech and politics

Recode is the world’s largest tech podcast, and it has become a home for the kind of conversations you might only get with the Kardashians or Kardashians.

On a recent episode, we asked the hosts, Alex Castellanos and Kara Swisher, what makes them passionate about technology and politics.

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And in a follow-up, they offered advice on what to do if you want to be part of a political conversation.

“When you’re a tech journalist, you’re constantly thinking about what’s going to happen tomorrow,” said Castellanes.

“You have to keep an eye on what is happening around you.”

The show is an open platform for the tech industry to discuss technology, politics, and the world at large.

While the show has been viewed more than 50 million times, it’s been viewed on average about 2.5 million times a month, according to data provided by Recode.

That’s a lot of people listening to the show and making connections.

“The way we talk about politics and technology is we have an open dialogue about the world.

We’re a platform that lets you share information and find people to talk to,” said Swisher.

“That’s not the way you talk about something like a race or a business.

But if you’re talking about a topic that you believe in, it really means something.”

The hosts, who have been in tech for a decade, both have degrees from universities and have been known to go on podcasts to discuss topics like politics, the economy, and tech.

But this is their first political podcast.

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I started the show,” said Sam Sacks, co-founder and CEO of Recode, in an interview with Recode in October 2017.

“I think people were asking, ‘Why do you want us to talk about this?’

And then I realized that it was really just an opportunity to get together with people who are just like us and to talk.”

Recode has been one of the most-watched news outlets in the US, drawing an average of more than 30 million unique viewers a month in 2017.

The show has garnered attention from celebrities including Kanye West, Seth Rogen, and Arianna Huffington.

The hosts also work with top political figures, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, former Vice President Joe Biden, and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

In 2017, the hosts were named as the most popular podcasters by USA Today, The Verge, and CNN.

The list also included The New York Times, the Washington Post, Vox, Vice, Vice Politics, and The Verge.

In 2018, Recode’s viewership increased to nearly 4 million unique listeners a month.

The podcast’s audience grew by nearly 40 percent from 2017.

“People really listen to the politics of the tech sector.

They just want to talk and they’re always asking questions,” said Sacks.

“We’ve seen that kind of growth in the tech and media worlds, which is really cool.”

In a way, Recoding is the platform of the future of political reporting.

“The democratization of politics is happening at a really rapid pace.

It’s not happening by accident,” said R.J. Bernstein, president and CEO at the nonprofit Media Research Center.

“So if you can get people together and have that dialogue, you’ve got a real shot at actually having a really informed citizenry.”

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