‘The only thing that keeps me going is my students’: An African-American college student shares her struggles to succeed

A high school freshman from California, whose name has not been released, has shared her story of overcoming adversity, even if it has been hard at times.

The 22-year-old, who went by the nickname of Nip, told The Huffington, “The only things that keep me going are my students.”

Nip said her mother was an alcoholic and her father was abusive and violent.

Her father and her stepmother died of cancer and she went to live with her aunt and uncle in San Diego.

When she was 10 years old, she told her mother she wanted to be a nurse, and her mother agreed, according to Nip.

She moved to the city of Los Angeles to be closer to her father.

She worked for a few years and then dropped out of school to be with her sister and her brother.

After graduating, Nip applied for a position at a local community college.

She was admitted to the College of the Holy Cross and enrolled in classes there.

She applied for more classes, and was accepted into the College Preparatory Program.

When her freshman year rolled around, she got a call from the dean of her college, who said she had been admitted to another program and needed to reschedule her classes.

She was accepted and enrolled into the college’s Graduate Management Program, and enrolled again.

She had a good semester of classes and went home to finish up her degree.

But then something changed.

She told her mom she was quitting.

She said she thought the Dean of College was trying to pressure her into staying and that her grades were not high enough.

Nip said she asked her mother if she could go to the Dean’s office to speak with him, and that she felt like the Dean was bullying her.

Nip went back to the dean and asked for a second chance, and the Dean told her she had to attend a faculty meeting and get the Dean to approve a change in her program.

Nips mom was so upset that she took her daughter to the faculty meeting to ask what was going on.

She wanted to speak up and tell her story, Nips mother said.

She didn’t want her daughter going through the same things that Nip went through.

The Dean told Nip that her mom was not going to graduate and that they needed her to go back to her hometown of Long Beach, California, and go back into nursing.

Nipp told her that she was not the right fit for nursing.

She also told Nipp that she had never seen her mother drunk and didn’t know how to handle her drinking, Nipp said.

She said she told the Dean that her mother needed to go.

He told her not to go, and she was told she was going to get her degree and that the Dean would not accept her.

The Dean told him that his decision was based on her ability to earn her degree, according of Nips story.

But the Dean decided to let Nip stay, and he was very supportive of her.

NIP told her story to the school principal and she got an acceptance letter.

But the school never sent her an acceptance memo or a recommendation letter.

When she got home to Long Beach for the summer, she was upset about the Dean telling her she was being denied admission to graduate.

Nipped said that she didn’t have any money and needed help to pay her bills.

She got an application letter from the school, but the Dean said it wasn’t enough to cover all the tuition.

Nipping’s mother told her they could take her daughter out of the program, but she said she wanted her daughter in the program.

Nips mother told The Associated Press that she thought she was taking her daughter away from the community and away from her mom.

She sent her daughter a letter saying that she wasn’t happy about it and that Nips life had changed forever, according.

She went to her mother and told her about her experience, and then her mother told Nips, “You’re going to need to change your life,” Nip told the AP.

She had an appointment with the Dean at the school’s library on August 5.

Her mother told the staff member that she needed to talk to the nurse, but it didn’t seem like there was any support available to her, she said.

Nipp’s mother went back and told the nurse that she wanted the nurse to talk with her daughter, NIP said.

The nurse called her back, and Nip and her mom went to the library, where Nip sat in front of the computer for several hours.

She started crying and said that the nurse was making her uncomfortable and telling her that if she didn, she would have to move.

She felt like she was losing her ability, she cried.

The next day, she went back home to her mom and told NIP’s mom what happened.

Nipper told her her mom told her the nurse had told her to move

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