The ‘Carteret Community College is not a charter school’

A community college in the Delta community of Carteret, Va., is not an “charter school” because it is not funded by a federal grant.

Community college spokesman Matt Jones said the term “community college” is a common usage in many states to refer to schools that are not federally funded.

That means it is up to each state to determine how the state funds its schools.

But he said it is incorrect to call Carteret a charter.

The Delta community college has received a $3.9 million federal grant for $14.3 million for community service, and has received additional money for classroom instruction, scholarships and extracurricular activities, Jones said.

The grant will help the college provide more than 200 classroom hours per semester, Jones added.

But the federal grant does not fund the college’s “community service,” he said.

“It does not support the work that they do for the community.”

Community college spokeswoman Matt Jones, right, speaks to the media before the first day of classes in Delta, Va. on Thursday, March 6, 2018.

Carteret Community college has not received a federal dollar for community-service work.

Carterets president said they have not been contacted by the federal government.

Cartretes community college is not part of a charter, Jones explained.

Jones said Carteret does not have to meet the standards of the U.S. Department of Education for charter schools.

The school is funded by the state of Alabama, and the community college also receives federal money.

The district in Carteret was a public school until 1995.

The Delta community was once a working-class town, and there was a push to move the community to a town center.

Jones was not aware of any community meetings on the issue in Carteret.

The community college was formed in 2008, and students receive financial aid from the state, he said, and it does not provide a traditional education.

Jones noted that the college was founded in the 1800s, so the school does not receive federal dollars.

He added that he was not a big fan of the name, “Carteret.”

The term Carteret is “not a real word,” he told Fortune.

Carteret community College has received federal money for a total of more than $6.2 million for student tuition, books, and other supplies since 2008, according to Jones.

He said Carterex is “very proud of the fact that we’re not a ‘charter’ school.”

The college has been operating as a community college for more than 50 years, and Jones said he is proud that the school is a “charity” institution.

Carterex Community College does not take federal funds.

The school is “a very progressive institution,” Jones said, which he said is why the school was named after “the land of the free.”

Carteret is the state’s largest city, and its community college receives a small amount of funding from the Alabama Department of Higher Education, according, but Jones said they are not required to receive federal funding.

The community college’s website says it offers a “unique blend of academic instruction and community service,” and offers more than 400 classroom hours a semester.

But Jones said that many students do not receive the proper support for their work, and that it is “completely unacceptable” that students cannot get the help they need to succeed.

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