How to get your own ‘social banking’ app

FourFourSeconds ago, FourFour was a popular platform for sharing news and photos with friends and family.Now, the platform is undergoing a major overhaul that will see it launch its own mobile application and new tools.Read moreRead moreOne of the big changes will be the new social banking features that will allow users to create accounts […]

When it comes to legacy communities, there’s no need to go to university

When you think of the US, the most prestigious institutions are the universities.And the universities are also the ones that you can attend if you have a bachelor’s degree.But in Germany, there are no such advantages.You need a high school diploma or a professional degree to study.The problem is that you need to find a […]

Which bank is the best for you?

Redlands Community Hospital (RCH) has just opened its first branch in San Diego, and they have just launched their own app to help people navigate their way around the system.Redlands community bank first opened in 2009 and has been in the news recently due to the closure of several branches, including San Diego’s Community Bank […]

How to make an NBA game in 5 easy steps

Oklahoma City Thunder forward Reggie Jackson is known for his athletic ability, but he also loves the attention he gets for his charitable efforts. In the months leading up to the NBA Draft, Jackson and his wife, Kristy, launched the Reggie and Kristy Jackson Foundation, which aims to raise awareness for the needs of underserved children […]

‘A Good Man’s War’: Inside the ‘Rogue Community College’ and ‘A Very Good Man’ series

A new series by New York magazine chronicling the lives of some of the most dangerous men in New York City, including two high-profile high-ranking NYPD officers, offers a fresh look at the dangerous culture of high-stakes policing.The series, which follows the rise of the rogue community college (RCOC) and the rise and fall of […]

School closure at Crawford Community College sparks uproar

Crawford Community college is closed after a worker was attacked and shot by an unidentified assailant in the community center.The attack took place on Sunday, March 15, at about 12:30am.A man wearing a mask was confronted by an employee at the Crawford Community Center in Crawford, North Carolina.He was approached by an unknown male who […]

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