Recode CEO interviews CEO of Northeast Community College

Tech leaders at Northeast Community Colleges (NCCC) are discussing ways to make it easier for people who are retired or disabled to get into the community college program.

The NCCC is currently recruiting students who are eligible for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), or food stamps.NCCC is looking to recruit people with disabilities who may be eligible for other programs, including those who are unemployed, disabled, or have a disability that prevents them from working.

“Our students have all the qualifications, the skills, and the education to become a great, great community college employee,” NCCC President and CEO Steve Sisolak told Recode.

“We’re really interested in recruiting people who can be part of that workforce, and to see them learn how to become part of the workforce as well.”

The community college president told Recodes he is confident that there are qualified applicants for the position, and said there are people who already are on the program.

Sisolak said the community colleges have been doing a lot of work to identify and interview the people who will work with students.

The new program, Sisolaks said, will allow people who have been out of the workplace for a while to apply for the program and participate in the hiring process.

For the past several years, the NCCC has been offering a Supplemental Nutrition Account (SNAC), or a card that lets a retired person, disabled person, or veteran pay for food and supplies through a government program.

Currently, people can use a SNAP card to pay for basic food, but also pay for more expensive items like gasoline, diapers, and even groceries.

“In addition to the benefit, there’s a benefit in that you get to know people in a different way,” Sisolack said.

“When you meet them, you get a better understanding of who they are, and how they work and what they’re like.

You get to understand how they are part of their community and how it relates to the work that they do.”NCCC’s goal is to eventually expand the program to all the NCCSs campuses.

The community colleges already have a program in place that allows students to pay in their own names.

But, Siskoak said, the program is not limited to NCCCs campuses, and they are looking to expand it to other communities.

Siskoaks said he hopes to hear from other community colleges and universities, but the goal is for the community to be able to offer a similar program to those campuses.

“I think the challenge is finding the right people, and we’ve got to find the right way to make that happen,” Siskaak said.

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