New $50M funding for community pharmacies

New funding from the Commonwealth Government for community pharmacy services has been announced, as part of the Government’s efforts to boost access to health services in communities across Australia.

Community pharmacies are part of Australia’s healthcare system and provide primary care for the elderly and other vulnerable people, with a focus on providing medicines for chronic illnesses.

They are also one of the most cost effective ways to manage a chronic disease such as diabetes or asthma, and are a key component of community pharmacy networks in the community.

Community pharmacy funding is one of a number of Commonwealth Government initiatives that aims to provide greater access to primary care and to other key health services.

Community pharmacists can receive up to $50,000 from the new Commonwealth Health Service Fund, which will be used to cover the costs of prescription drug management and training.

Community health services have been a key part of Commonwealth policy and the Government has been committed to supporting community health services and providing more access to them.

Community Pharmacy Association of Australia CEO Steve Deane said it was a positive step to make community pharmacy accessible.

“Community pharmacy has been an integral part of our health system for a long time, and we’re proud to be one of its beneficiaries,” he said.

“It’s a fantastic day for community health.”

We’re very excited that the Commonwealth has announced this funding, and that it’s coming from one of our community’s most trusted partners, so we’re really pleased that it is going to benefit our members and the community as a whole.

“The funding will support a range of services, including:Community pharmacies provide primary health services to people with chronic illnesses, and can be the first step in getting medicines to people in need.

The funds will be available to community pharmacies for two years, from July 1.

The funding includes funding for:Primary health care servicesCommunity pharmacies can administer medicines for:Cases of chronic illnessCommunity pharmacies can provide prescription medicines to patients who are referred by health professionalsCommunity pharmacies will be required to provide a prescription for each patient that is prescribed a prescription from a pharmacistCommunity pharmacies must be licensed by the Commonwealth to provide primary healthcare servicesCommunity pharmacys can prescribe medicines for up to eight hoursCommunity pharmacyers will need to provide an ongoing record of prescriptionsCommunity pharmacies have been accredited by the ACGME and the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Australia (Phata) accreditation body, which ensures they are providing high quality services to patients and staff.

The Commonwealth has also committed to provide up to two community pharmacy technicians with training and training to provide community pharmacy service in the communities where they work.

Community pharmys can provide medicines to up to four patients in a household at a timeCommunity pharmacies cannot prescribe medicines directlyCommunity pharmacysis will be a new service available to all community pharmacy pharmacies in JulyCommunity pharmacytems will be able to prescribe up to 10 medicinesCommunity pharmacics will be allowed to prescribe medicines to their patients for a maximum of six hoursCommunity pharmacies may not provide prescriptions for a person with a diagnosis of a medical conditionCommunity pharmacykys can only prescribe medicines on a prescription formCommunity pharmacymys may not prescribe medicines in their own nameCommunity pharmacies and community pharmacyres will have to obtain an accredited pharmacy licenceCommunity pharmacies should be licensed and be accreditedPhata said community pharmacies should have the following:Phata has also pledged to provide free community pharmacy consultations to people who do not have a prescription.

The Government has also announced a $2.5 million Community Pharmacy Training and Certification program, which is being overseen by the ACCC and aims to train up to 100 community pharmacy staff.”

This is a significant investment in community pharmacy, and one that will help ensure we provide the best service for people with health conditions and help us ensure they get the medicines they need,” Community Pharmacists Association of Australasia chief executive Robyn Larkin said.

The Federal Government also announced $2 million in new funding to fund community pharmacy training for pharmacy staff in the first six months of 2018.

Community Pharmacyres Association chief executive John Kelly said the new funding would allow community pharmacys to train to provide services to more patients.”

I think it’s a good sign of the progress we’re making in terms of our funding for health and community pharmacy,” he added.”

There’s a real need for more community pharmacists.


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