#MTVTruth: The #MeToo movement is coming to #Londonderry community college

Londondraven community college student Amanda White said the students who spoke out about sexual assault at the school last year were “shocked and appalled” to learn that they were not being listened to.

White, who was raped at the age of 16, said she was “overwhelmed” by the response to her case.

She said the college had not responded to her allegations, but now students are “shaking their heads in disbelief” because they were told there were no survivors.

“The response was so shocked, I felt like I was being told ‘there’s no survivors, we don’t care about you,'” White told MTV News.

“We’re the ones who’re going to be responsible for that.”

White said the school’s response to the allegations was also “shocking,” and that administrators had “failed to engage with us on our concerns and the issues that we were raising.”

She said that when she spoke to the college’s Title IX coordinator in May, she was told that she could file a Title IX complaint against the school, but that she would be told that her case would be “handled through the Office of Student Conduct.”

White, a senior majoring in education, said the situation has been “extremely frustrating” and that she wants to know why the school was not more responsive.

“It feels like the school just went in and did whatever they wanted,” she said.

White said she believes that her situation is indicative of the type of campus culture in which sexual assault is treated as a form of “free speech” rather than a crime.

White believes that students who speak out against sexual assault, particularly those who come from marginalized groups, should be “given a place of safety” at the institution.

She said she does not believe that the school should be forced to address the issue.

“If it is an issue that’s been addressed, I don’t think the university should be the one to do that,” she told MTV.

White added that she felt that the college was “just so indifferent” to the fact that she had made the allegations against the college and that there was “no response to my concerns.”

White has been working with the campus community group, Londonds Students for Justice in Education, to address her concerns, but she said that she does want the school to address “the systemic culture of silence” that has been created at the college.

“This is something that should not happen in any community college,” she added.MTV News reached out to the school for comment and will update this story if and when they respond.

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