How to get help in Brunswick

New Brunswick is experiencing a coronavirus outbreak that has been spreading from the capital to the region’s rural areas.

The coronaviruses are spreading in the towns of Brunswick, Cumberland and New Brunswick and the region is now experiencing more than 40 cases per day.

The city of Brunswick has reported more than 100 cases.

Health authorities in Cumberland said they have seen a sharp increase in the number of coronaviral cases in the town.

“We’re seeing a lot of people coming in to see us.

People are feeling overwhelmed,” said David Leitch, Cumberlander’s health services director.”

I’m seeing a huge increase in numbers and it’s not only in Cumberlands but we’ve had a lot in Brunswick.”

Mr Leitch said the numbers are still far below the national average and the trend is likely to continue.

“It’s not normal, but it’s happening,” he said.

“A lot of families are in shock because of it and there’s just no way we can stop it.”

You have to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and think about what it’s like to have your health taken away from you.

“The city has confirmed the first two cases to have occurred in Cumberlanders home town.

Two other cases have been reported in the community.

The state is warning people to stay away from the affected areas.

Cumberland Mayor Bill Blaney said people should remain indoors and not drive to the affected area.”

This is the most serious situation that we have seen in our community in many years,” Mr Blaney told reporters.”

The most vulnerable people are the ones who are the least able to access the medical care and help.

“There is also a coronapid advisory, which says people with respiratory conditions should not drive.

Queensland Health Minister Kate Jones said the Government is working with community health workers to find out what is causing the outbreak.”

Queenslanders are well-equipped and well-prepared,” she said.

Ms Jones said coronavillosis is a serious illness and it was vital to have proper precautions when it came to getting medical help.”

People who are in a vulnerable position, like the elderly, the vulnerable, those who are at home, who are not well equipped, or those who have a family member with a serious condition or illness, they should contact their GP or a community health worker, if they need help,” she told reporters in Sydney.”

They should contact the relevant authority, and I would also urge people who are thinking of going out for a walk or cycling to be cautious.”ABC/wires

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