The most beautiful thing I saw on my trip to Dublin

A community college in Ireland has a beautiful fountain on its campus.The community of Tunxis Community College in the county of Donegal was transformed by a beautiful painting in 2016 and became the world’s first fountain. “The art work was a reflection of our community’s diverse heritage, heritage of art, and cultural richness,” said John Murphy, […]

US President Joe Biden: Israel should recognize Palestinian state

U.S. President Joe Bashir has said he supports recognition of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, where a Palestinian Authority government is in power, and said Israel should follow the United Nations Security Council’s resolution on the situation.In a televised address from the White House Thursday, Biden said that “Israel should […]

Students in Massachusetts are less likely to get medical marijuana cards, study finds

By Emily McclellanMay 21, 2018 12:00:30The number of Massachusetts residents who have obtained a medical marijuana card, the state’s only way to obtain the drug, is on track to fall to its lowest level since 2015, according to a new study.The findings from the Commonwealth Health Rankings 2017 study released Tuesday, which looked at state-by-state […]

How to become a community ambassador, and help build the next generation of community ambassadors

/r:communityaid,article,community,aesthetic,artistic,communitysource Reddit /u/nicholashiran The Art of Community article /u:nicholascanshiranian,anastasia,art,community source Reddit The Art Of Community article The Art of Being an Artistic Community Ambassador, Part 1: An Artistic Guide by Nick Shulman The Basics of Artistic Diversity by Nicholas Shulmans blog article

What you need to know about the proposed 1,200-unit affordable housing project in Oakland

Oakland residents are still waiting to find out whether the city will approve their $3.3 million affordable housing proposal for a community college campus, but the proposal has a long way to go to garner approval from the city council.The Oakland City Council voted Monday night to approve the project at the community college at […]

The battle for Fortnite’s Community Cast

Community Cast, a new game from Fortnites developer Epic Games, has been gaining momentum since it released in June.In a recent interview with Game Informer, Epic Games founder Adam Badowski said the game was designed to provide players with an immersive virtual experience.The game, he said, is “designed for a different kind of gamer.”But when […]

New research finds brain activity in people with depression linked to depression symptoms

New research suggests depression symptoms may be linked to brain activity, including those associated with depression symptoms.In a study published in the journal Biological Psychiatry, scientists at the University of Warwick looked at brain scans of people with major depression and found that some of the most significant changes occurred in areas associated with reward […]

Oakland Community College’s Queen’s Beach campus to open next spring

Queen’s Bay Community College, the largest community college in the Bay Area, is expected to open in spring 2019.The college, which opened in 2008, was previously known as the Oakland Public Charter School.The school’s first class of 15 students was announced earlier this month.“I’m very excited to be joining the Oakland Community Colleges, as the […]

Texas Community College Is $300 Million In Debt After $700 Million In Revenue

A Texas community college is expected to default on more than $700 million in debt as a result of an $11 billion funding round.According to the Wall Street Journal, the $7.5 billion Community College of the Brazos Valley is expected be $300 million in arrears by the end of next month.The school has a $2.2 […]

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