‘A Good Man’s War’: Inside the ‘Rogue Community College’ and ‘A Very Good Man’ series

A new series by New York magazine chronicling the lives of some of the most dangerous men in New York City, including two high-profile high-ranking NYPD officers, offers a fresh look at the dangerous culture of high-stakes policing.

The series, which follows the rise of the rogue community college (RCOC) and the rise and fall of one of its most famous alumni, is a gripping, sometimes harrowing look at life in New Yorker neighborhoods, from the streets of Chelsea to Queens, and even into the hills of Westchester County.

The series focuses on two men who, in their early twenties, found themselves living out of their parents’ cars while patrolling Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, which is home to many of the city’s most dangerous residents, including a man who allegedly threatened to kill a New York State trooper.

(The man is not named in the book.)

In the series, journalist Sarah Riedel travels from Bedford-Street to Westchester, to the Bronx, and to Westwood, the suburb of Manhattan where Riedels husband, Aaron, was shot and killed by police on Feb. 12, 2017.

The book, which comes out Friday, is named after Aaron’s father, Michael Riedell.

The Riedells’ story is told from the perspective of Riedes, a former officer who grew up on Bedford Street in Brooklyn.

As he writes in his book, the Riedls were the first people Rieds met in the neighborhood.

“When Aaron was shot, we were in Westwood in the back of a car, and we were still out in the middle of the night,” Rieden writes.

“He was shot four times.

I remember running around with him, and seeing the blood.

It was horrific.

It just broke my heart.

I felt like he was my best friend.

He was like a little brother to me.”

The Riesles’ story follows Aaron’s death.

While in Westchester at the time, Rieder says, Aaron and his friend, who is now 22, were walking down Bedford Street.

“It was dark,” Ridels told New York’s Metro Morning.

“Aaron and his buddy were walking by the corner and then they stopped.

They looked around and they saw the police officer with a gun and they said, ‘That’s our man.’

He said, “Let’s get away from here.’

And they ran.

“The police officer shot Aaron and fled the scene.

Aaron was hit by a car and died at the scene the following day.

Aaron’s sister, Amy, who works at a nearby drug treatment center, says she and Aaron went back to the Riesels’ apartment, but Rieders says he was still alive.”

The cops shot my brother.

He had his hands up and he was trying to get the cops to stop shooting him.

And I’m saying, ‘Don’t stop shooting!’

The NYPD says officers fired shots to scare the man and that no officers fired at the Rides, but it did not stop the gunman from firing at officers. “

My brother was still breathing.”

The NYPD says officers fired shots to scare the man and that no officers fired at the Rides, but it did not stop the gunman from firing at officers.

The Rides’ attorney, Joshua Guglielmi, tells the New York Post that Aaron was never in danger at all.

“Aaron was a nice kid,” Guglelielmis told the Post.

“When the cops showed up, Aaron was already walking home from school.”

After Aaron’s murder, the Brooklyn DA’s office launched a criminal investigation into the Ridges.

The investigation eventually led to the arrests of three other officers who were accused of shooting Aaron.

The officers are scheduled to appear in court on Friday.

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