What the Trump administration has said about the opioid crisis

The administration has been slow to address the opioid epidemic and the impact it’s had on families and communities, according to a group of advocacy groups.But it has begun to roll back some of the Obama administration’s policies, including requiring insurers to cover a wide range of opioids, easing restrictions on prescription drug use, and […]

‘This is not a school’ for white men, pastor says

An African American pastor at an Ohio community college says he has been accused of racially profiling students and making anti-Semitic comments in an online video.Dennis Johnson, the founder and pastor of the St. Paul Bible Church, said on his Facebook page that he was “deeply saddened” by the incident and said he was calling […]

How to use an anti-aging serum in your kids’ home: ‘It’ll make them healthy’

It’s a myth that anti-ageing serum is safe for kids.This is because it contains ingredients such as vitamin A, vitamin D3, calcium and other minerals that may harm your kids.There’s no evidence it’s safe to take any of these supplements if you’re under the age of six.The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says vitamin […]

When it comes to legacy communities, there’s no need to go to university

When you think of the US, the most prestigious institutions are the universities.And the universities are also the ones that you can attend if you have a bachelor’s degree.But in Germany, there are no such advantages.You need a high school diploma or a professional degree to study.The problem is that you need to find a […]

Which of the Indian banks will get the biggest payout?

Posted May 02, 2018 13:24:25When we talk about the banks that get the largest compensation, we are referring to the largest of them all, the State Bank of India (SBI), which is the largest lender in the country.But what about the other big banks that are part of the same family?According to the latest data, […]

The most important question everyone has when talking about @Hopkinsville Community College: What will it look like when the doors open?

It’s one of the more unusual stories in recent memory, with the announcement that the city’s only high school would be closing in the fall, just days before the end of the school year.But it has a more simple reason: the school doesn’t want to lose its enrollment.The Hopkinsville City Council, which includes the mayor, […]

Washtenaw Community College will launch new app to help students with health care

The Washtenafel College of Health Sciences and Technology (WCHSTS) announced Monday that it will launch an app to offer students with access to local health care services, as well as other resources.The app will be available for iOS and Android and will be free to users who sign up for the service.The launch of the […]

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