Tulsa Community College students win state title

Tulsa Community and Technical College students captured the top prize in the state’s state school competition Wednesday when they were crowned champions of the Tulsa Community Television Series competition.The students, led by Kameron Burdette, won the state title, earning $25,000 in cash prizes, which were split between the students and a Tulsa Community Community College […]

Why did we get to the point where we have this idea that it’s not possible for people to have free will?

By the time I was four years old, I was a huge fan of science fiction.I loved the idea of a future that was much different from the one we lived in today.It seemed as if the world was coming to an end.A lot of the characters in science fiction were fictional characters; most of […]

‘We’re in shock’: Parents, teachers upset over KFC and KFC restaurants’ controversial ‘black-and-white’ policies

The KFC chain has been embroiled in controversy in recent years for its “black-on-black” policies.One of the company’s latest policy changes involves an option to change the colour of its chicken, but the decision was controversial.Read moreKFC apologised on Tuesday for the policy change and promised to continue to be inclusive in its restaurants.But for […]

When it comes to water, the Hinds Community College has its own way of looking at it

A community college in Mississippi is using technology to provide water for its students, even when they can’t drink it.The college is running a “water bank” in which students can borrow water at discounted rates at the school’s water fountain.The campus has also been using its water to clean its swimming pool.The project started when […]

How to open a clovid community bank and use Bitcoin to buy stocks

First Community Bank is a small bank in the Clovis Canyon community.Its founders say it is the first bank in Clovid, NV, to accept Bitcoin, and they’ve partnered with CoinDesk to help spread the word about the digital currency.The Cloviscan community bank was founded by Brian and Amy Smith, who both started their own banking […]

New research finds brain activity in people with depression linked to depression symptoms

New research suggests depression symptoms may be linked to brain activity, including those associated with depression symptoms.In a study published in the journal Biological Psychiatry, scientists at the University of Warwick looked at brain scans of people with major depression and found that some of the most significant changes occurred in areas associated with reward […]

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