Students: No, school closures won’t change student debt burden

WASHINGTON — A college administrator said Wednesday that she and other administrators are worried that student debt burdens are going to increase as the school closes down this fall.The closures of the Park and Wyoming community colleges and a community college in the city of Washington, D.C., will create a debt crisis for students, said […]

Community of Muskegon students get ‘safe haven’ from opioid crisis

By KYLE BAILEY, Associated Press MOSCOW (AP) A community of Muskogee University students, some recovering from opioid-related illnesses, got a “safe haven” from the opioid crisis in late August.The Muskego County School District and the community-based group the Center for Community Medicine took the students and their families to the school’s emergency room on Sept. […]

Spokane Community College to give up $1.3M in cash donations to churches

Spokane Community Colleges is handing over $1 million to the Spokane Church Community Bible Church in partnership with the Spokane Community Foundation to help build and expand its community church.The Spokane Church will continue to operate its ministry and support the Spokane Bible Church’s mission to build a “community Bible church” and provide opportunities for […]

How to become a “great” pastor at a community college

In 2017, Grace Community College was ranked #5 in the nation in student-to-teacher ratios, with the school serving approximately 4,700 students.However, Grace is not a public school, which means its students are primarily eligible for public funding.This means students from poor families cannot attend, and many do not have the means to afford tuition.As a […]

Which local community college in the U.S. will become the next community college to receive federal money?

Britta Community College in Edgecombe, N.C., is in a competitive position to become the first community college funded with federal funds, according to the community foundation.The community college opened in 2007 and has earned $2.5 million in federal grants, according the foundation.Britta’s community-based degree program focuses on the arts, social justice and the environment.Brittas graduation […]

How to get more money from the Community Foundation and the Riverview Community Bank

The Community Foundation will have to make some difficult decisions about its $200 million loan to the RiverView Community Bank, which it has agreed to with the state.The Community Foundation has been operating the RiverTown Bank for almost two years, which is in turn running a subsidiary called Riverview Bank, according to the state’s Financial […]

How to Save College for the 21st Century

In the coming years, more and more American colleges and universities will be able to offer students tuition waivers.These students can go on to earn degrees and pursue careers that are often in direct competition with their previous education.But a new report from the Brookings Institution found that the vast majority of students are likely […]

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